Monday, May 20, 2013

J.O.Y- May 20, 2013

Hey ya'll!!
This week has been amazing and time is just flying!! I had an awesome
birthday!! Thanks so much for all the gifts and cards... it made my
whole day! All the missionaries and my companions spoiled me! We went
to buffalo wild wings for lunch one of my fav places and the elders
made me a very unique cake that was surprisingly delicious. Haha they
took a brownie mix and a cake mix and layered it all together! Ha it
looked so nasty but it was amazing and they were frosting it in the
car on their way to lunch. Haha they are way funny it was super nice
of them. It was an awesome mission birthday for sure!! Ha so this week
was filled with little miracles as we were trying to find some people
to teach! We met with Jocelyn who just moved home for the summer and
was actually taught by some missionaries just recently! She had a
baptism date set but didn't follow through with it... she is 19 and
just a doll. and she plays basketball so i just love her. haha but we
met with her to kind of figure out where she is at and how she feels
about baptism and she is sooo ready to be baptized!! it's amazing!!
She still has some questions about things so we will be continuing to
meet with her but i'm just so excited for her cuz she's so ready. This
week we were able to do exchanges with the sister training leaders and
it was so cool. That was probably the best day on my mission so far
just cuz the sister i was with taught me so much and was able to help
build up my confidence and help me to recognize how important it is to
be busy every hour of every day. I got a lot of questions answered and
it was just sweet to watch her and the kind of missionary she is and
how she does it which was an awesome role model for me to follow. We
met with Sammi this week who has a baptism date for June but we've
been worried cuz he has been struggling the past few weeks. It was
amazing during our lesson cuz he is usually so hard to keep focused
and he just brings up the most random things. But we prayed before we
went in that he would be serious with us and be able to stay focused
and that was probably the best lesson we have ever had with him! It
was amazing how focused and serious he was and it really allowed for
the spirit to be there! He told us that he has been praying and that
he really has recognized the blessings that come from it. He told us
just like how amazed he is that his prayers have been answered and how
good it makes him feel when he prays! It was so sweet. During the
lesson as we were talking and addressing some other things he was
concerned about i felt prompted to share with him Bishop Farnes "Got
JOY" which stands for Jesus, Others, Yourself... in that order. When
you strive to do that you will recognize pure joy in your life and its
something that has really helped me so far as i've been on my mission.
ha i'm not really sure why i felt prompted to share that but i did and
the spirit was so strong and i'm not really sure what else i said cuz
the spirit just took over which is the coolest feeling ever but
afterwards the sister training leader told me how perfect that was to
share and that i need to speak up more cuz it was so powerful.
Recognizing and acting on the spirit is so important and i'm really
learning how important it is! Sometimes i get prompted to say things
that i normally wouldn't haha but as i act on those promptings and
allow the spirit to take over it is so powerful and affects not only
the investigator but me as well. The spirit is so real and it's so
important to constantly strive to have it with you so that we can be
led to those who are in need of the gospel or even just in need of
some service or a friend. This week i was also able to go on splits
with one of the spanish speaking sisters to a lesson... that was
obviously in spanish. It was with the cutest little family with the
sweetest little kids. It was so fun! Even though i had no idea what
was being said or going on i could still feel the spirit soo strongly!
I could always tell when the lesson was going somewhere or when the
hermana i was with was testifying cuz it just brought in the spirit so
powerfully! The little kids only spoke spanish too haha and they were
trying to talk to me and tell me stuff and i had nooo clue what they
were saying. I just kept saying "si si si" over and over haha it was
pretty funny. But they came and sat by me and i showed them pictures
that i had in my scriptures like either of my family, jared, the
temple, or jesus and i was teaching them what those things were and
telling them all of your names. and they loved hearing that jared was
in mexico it made them so excited. haha but even though it was such a
huge language barrier it was so sweet so be able to connect with them
as the hermana translated for me, as i played with the kids, and being
able to feel the spirit with them was so awesome. it was a cool
experience! I wish i had time to explain all the little miracles we
had this week but it was so cool to be apart of. We were led to people
who are so prepared and ready to hear the gospel in ways that i never
would have expected. I know that because of our faith and obedience we
were able to experience those little miracles. This week i learned how
important it is to talk to everyone and to not be misled by their
outward appearance. As we talk to people everyday i am really learning
that there are people out there no matter how rough on the outside
they may be... but there are people out there who really are seeking
for truth. People who go through things i never could imagine going
through that are just looking for some hope and happiness and that is
what this gospel does! It brings us hope and happiness and allows us
to draw closer to our father in heaven who loves us sooooo much!! One
other thing i've come to recognize the importance of is building
others up and making people feel like a million bucks. Ha as we strive
to forget ourselves and focus on the talents and awesome qualities
that others have then we will come to feel of that pure joy we are all
on a journey to find everyday. The more you lose yourself, the more
you find yourself! By putting the Lord first and striving to do His
will, building others up and looking for opportunities to serve, then
i know that we will be able to feel of the pure joy our father in
heaven is waiting to bless us with if we do those things. This mission
is not about me... it's about doing all i can to bring others unto
christ with the lord on my side and being worthy to feel of and
recognize the spirit. I know that as i lose myself in this work then i
will find myself. I love being a missionary soo much!! It's the best
thing ever and i know it will eternally bless me if i do all i can to
learn and grow from the experiences i'm having! I love you all so much
and would not be able to do this without all the of support you give
me! Love and miss you all!! XOXO

Sister Roosendaal

p.s. i'll send pics next week!

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Michele Roosendaal
"Have a GREAT Day"

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