Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May 13, 2013- Growing, Learning, Living, and Loving It

ey ya'll!!
It was so awesome being able to talk to everyone yesterday!!! That was
the best birthday present I could ever ask for!! I have the best
family in the whole world...no doubt about it!! It was so good
seeing/talking to you all! My day was made! Love you all so much! So
this week has been pretty dead as far as lessons go... but i've
learned a ton!! We found Jennifer tracting a week or so ago and we met
with her last week and taught her the restoration! The spirit was so
strong it made my companions and i tear up a little bit. Haha she
really opened up to us and ahhh.... She is sooo amazing! Oh my heck.
She is so prepared I just can't wait to meet with her again! She was
so grateful we were there to talk to her, she just loves the Lord and
really sees his hand in her life. She has such great faith she's so
amazing! I am so so excited to keep working with her. Last week we met
with all of our investigators who are leaving for the summer for the
last time.. which is kinda bittersweet. It was kind of hard to meet
with them cuz they knew and we knew that they were leaving so it just
didn't seem like any of us were getting anywhere. But we got really
organized and figured lots of things out and i just feel like we have
a clean slate in this area to work with now! We have a lot of finding
to do but it's going to be awesome. i cant wait to see who the Lord
puts in our path! We have lots of work to do!! I'm stoked. This week I
learned a lot. One of the things i learned most was the importance of
setting goals! I've never been a huge goal setter... in fact its
something i have always dreaded cuz it never feels good when you don't
reach that goal that you have set. haha but i really focused on it
this week and i set some goals and will be every week from now on and
it's just incredible the difference it has already made! It's really
caused me to stretch and get out of my bubble a little bit! It also
helps me stay more focused! Ive really been thinking a lot lately
about the kind of missionary i want to be and i know that the only way
i will get there is by setting goals and continually striving to try a
little harder to be a little better each day! I know that if i
continue to do this that i will reach my full potential as a
missionary... and i know that if we all strive to set some goals no
matter how big or how small that we can all reach our full potential
and become that person that the Lord wants us to become. BE co ME. Be
yourself and strive to become your BEST self. I know that 18 months
seems like it is so long but in reality it is such a short time. I
need to do all i can to make the most of this time and to make the
most of it by working hard every day! Your happiest when you work the
hardest (thanks ryker your the best) So Ashley (less-active) that i
talked about last week has really been keeping in contact with us and
came to FHE last week! She's so awesome. It's crazy how far people can
wander off the path... but what i've really learned is that it is so
important to just love people for how they are and to see them for who
they can become. I'm so excited to work with Ashley and to continue to
get to know her and just be her friend. She really just needs some
support right now and my companions and i are so excited to give that
to her and help her any way we can. One thing i've noticed as i've
been out here is that you never know what people are going through.
There are people who go through some really tough trials, struggles,
or temptations that are just a huge struggle and honestly if i wasnt a
missionary i wouldnt be able to recognize this as easily because we
work with some people who have some huge struggles but put on such a
good face in public. It's so crazy what people have to go through in
this life and i'm just learning so much of how important it is to not
judge and to just love the person no matter what! But the amazing
thing about this gospel is that anyone can come back! There is no sin
that is too great... through the atonement we can all be cleansed and
healed from our sins. Christ came and suffered for YOU and for ME. For
ALL of us! Imagine that you went out and did something for someone...
the nicest thing you can think of and got no thanks or appreciation in
return. That would probably feel pretty crappy... Now imagine how it
must make Christ feel when we don't appreciate or use the atonement at
its fullest. I can't even imagine how it must make him feel when he
sees us... the people that he bled and died for rejecting him and not
appreciating all that he has done. I can't even imagine... and that's
why i'm here. I'm here to help people recognize and see the power of
the atonement. I'm here so that they can return to live with our
father in heaven again, cuz we were all once with him. We were all so
excited to come to this earth and we all had that desire before we
came to come and show our faith in him! This gospel is so amazing and
i'm so grateful everyday that i have the opportunity to teach it to
the people of virginia 24/7. We will find more investigators this week
and i can't wait to share those experiences with ya'll! So a
missionary that lived in our apt before us had this life-sized statue
of Dobby (from harry potter) weird right? Well he sits and stares at
me every morning that i study.... it drives me nutty. Haha but lately
my comps and i have been sticking him in random places in our apt to
freak out our roommates and so we came home one day and there was
dobby... in our closet.. dressed up in all of our clothes. Ohh... the
things we have to do to entertain ourselves! Haha so I thought ya'll
would enjoy to see a picture of that. And as you could see from our
face time yesterday i'm still just my crazy old self. But i'm growing
spiritually, learning, and loving every minute!
Here's the quote of the week "The question often arises in the minds
of young men who find themselves in the mission field, "what shall i
say?' and another follows closely upon it, "how shall i say it?" ...
while no specific rule may be given, experience has taught that the
simplest way is the best. having learned the principles of the gospel,
through a prayerful spirit and by careful study, these should be
presented to men in humility. in the simplest forms of speech, without
presumption or arrogance and in the spirit of the mission of christ...
the spirit must first be with the missionary, if he shall succeed in
awakening its response in his hearers; and this is true whether the
words be spoken in conversation, face to face, or in public
gatherings... by earnestness and simplicity the missionary will not
only establish himself in the truth, but his testimony will convince
others. he will also learn to stand for himself with god as his
helper; he will touch the hearts of the people and will have the
pleasure of seeing them come to an understanding of his message. the
spirit of the tgospel will shine forth from his sould and others will
partake of his light and rejoice therein." -joseph f smith.

Sista Roosendaal

the last pic is all the girls in my zone including one of my old mtc comps!

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