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November 27,2013

Hey ya'lllll
What's up. Well, I have been transferred to the Chippenham YSA ward in Richmond. Holla. My companion is Sister Bunnell from Lehi, Utah. She has only been out a transfer so i am finishing training her this transfer. She is great. I am very excited to be here and have been having a blast so far. There is a lot of work to do. The ward covers 3 stakes, even all the way down into my old area. It's an awesome ward and the members are just such great examples to me! Seriously, i'm excited to be back in a YSA ward cuz they teach me so much. Idk how strong i would be living in Virginia going to college, surrounded by nonmember friends and yet they are strong in the gospel with solid testimonies. It's a huge example to me and i've already learned a lot from them on top of my last YSA ward so i imagine i have a lot to learn while i am here!
To finish off with some experiences i had in appomattox before i left... we had something pretty cool happen last week as we were out trying to contact some referrals. We were having no luck, none of them were home so we went to go see a less active and he just set up a return appointment so we still had some time to spare before our next appointment so we decided to knock some doors which isnt the most successful thing in the afternoon when everyone is away at work but we did it anyway cuz... that's what we do. Ha anyway, we knocked on this door of this cute mom just home with the kids and she was not the least bit interested in our message at. all! But she was still super nice and we asked her if she knew of anyone that would be interested and she was just closed off telling us that everyone is baptist and saved but for some reason instead of just walking away we just waited... and looked at her.... haha apparently it got to her or made her feel uncomfortable or something cuz she just started rambling on and on about her different neighbors that werent religious at all. She just talked and talked and kept going and finally at the end she was like "oh, my next door neighbor just lost her son 2 years ago, and her husband recently." PERFECT. So we went and knocked on her next door neighbors door and this lady comes out with curlers in her hair and make up half done and she barely opens the door, just a crack. At first, she didnt seem the least bit interested. She told us that she was baptist and that she was fine. But something just came  over my companion and i and we just told her how much God loves her and is aware of her and everything she is going through. I've never felt the spirit so strong on someones doorstep before. Slowly she opened the door a little more and opened up to us about everything and agreed to let us come back. Obviously, i wasnt there for the return appointment but it was a really cool experience.
Something else that happened last week was we went to Family Home Evening with a family in our ward and that morning as we were planning what lesson to share with them, Sister Jones and I looked at each other and at the same time said "Restoration cups" if you dont know what they are.... it's basically just a cool visual that helps teach the restoration. We went over to their house that night and there just wasnt a good vibe. The parents were mad at each other and no one was really getting a long. So we pulled out the cups and attempted to teach as the kids were knocking them over and stealing them. But the next day we saw the wife and she started telling us how her husband has really been struggling with the church and is just fed up with all of it and is ready to leave it. She told us how worried she was about it and about him. Well, her husband is a convert and he joined the church about 10 years ago or so.... he was taught by sister missionaries and always has a special place in his heart for us and his wife just told us that what really made him want to join the church and what made it all click together for him and i guess was the turning point for his conversion was when the sister missionaries that taught him showed him the restoration cups. She told us how at FHE when we pulled out the cups they both just looked at each other and that his whole countenance and attitude changed the rest of the night and how they both felt like us pulling out the cups that night was Heavenly Fathers reminder or way of showing the husband that this is right. This is where he needs to be. It was powerful. The spirit is real. The church is true.
Idk if ya'll remember our investigator Chris, that i taught up in charlottesville that i talked about a lot. Well, at the end of the summer and right before i left the area he moved down here to richmond to VCU, which is where i am at now. We handed him off to some sisters that were serving here and they met with him once and then he fell off the face of the earth. Broke my heart. Well, he obviously isnt going to get off that easy cuz now i'm here, where he is at and i will find him. Of course if it's Gods will :) haha but i'm excited to be here and i know that I've been called to serve here for a reason and i'm excited for the adventures that lie ahead of me. I'm so grateful to be a missionary. Just want to let ya'll know i love you so much. I love being a missionary and really couldnt do it without ya'lls support.  I've learned a lot this week about faith and prayer and basically just how in order for anything to happen in answers to our prayers it must first start with praying with nothing but faith. I know that the Lord just expects our best and he will make up the rest. However, we cant expect that unless we have the faith that he is there and that he is aware of us. I know that he is there and he is completely and fully aware of you all. He knows everything you are going through. He knows your struggles. Turn to him and have faith in him. He is standing at the door knocking. He cant do any miracles for us and cant help us unless we believe that he can. I know that to be true! I know that he has put us all in the different situations and experiences that we are going through in our life for a reason. See what you can learn from it! There is always something to learn from every situation. Live in the moment. No matter how hard and love it. Have a great week! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!! XOXO
Sister Roosendaal

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