Tuesday, December 24, 2013

October 28, 2013

HEy Everyone,
Things here in the hood are going goood! I've learned a lot this past week ... things were really slow and seriously no one answered their door this week or kept appointments. and if they did answer, it was slammed right back in our faces. haha it was crazy but awesome all at the same time. It taught me to love rejection. of course it is really hard to see people reject our message but to me it is a testimony that i am planting seeds and helping them become prepared for the future when they come in contact with the missionaries again. There is a scale of preparedness from 1-10... 1 being totally unprepared and 10 being comletely prepared. Statistics show that people generally come in contact with missionaries about 7 times before they get baptized. I know that each person we meet is somewhere on that preparedness scale and because i have the courage to talk to them and invite them to hear our message... i am helping them get higher up on that scale...and if that is all i can do then so be it. Weeks like these that are so slow are honestly in a weird way some of my favorite weeks because i know that i did possibly everything i could to find and teach people and when nothing comes of it i know that it is the lords will and that i did everything i could and that is what true success is... knowing that you gave it your all with no regrets.. and that is all that the lord expects not just of his missionaries but of everyone. he wants us all to do our very best in living this gospel and keeping the commandments...we of course, will all mess up but what is important is recognizing that we did mess up and that we can fix it and be forgiven.
I love the story in matthew where Christ is walking on water and peter is in the boat watching him and listening to christ tell him to come and walk on water with him. I like to imagine that happening and picture peter mustering all of his strength and clenching to the boat as tight as he can to get the courage to step onto the water.... it must have been a huge leap of faith for him to do that and as he walked on the water toward the savior he kept his eye focused on him but as soon as he took his eyes off of the savior and started paying attention to the things around him... he started to sink. I love that because it is a testimony to me of how important it is to always remember the savior jesus christ. he has done so much for all of us and it isnt always easy to remember him and his sacrifice... sometimes it is easier to pay attention to the worldly things going on around us and get caught up in the things of the world but the thing is... just like what the savior did for peter... when we all start to sink.. he will be there with his arm outstretched waiting to help us up and to fix the messes we have made. That is why he died for us. To bring us back when we have fallen or when we are sinking. He paid the price for us because he knew we wouldnt be perfect and that we would mess up. Just think.... someone died for YOU. ALL OF YOU. Heavenly Father loves each of his children so much that he sent his son to pay the price... to make up the difference for the places that each of us lack. But it is still important to remember that He will always let us sink a little.... he lets us sink so that we can grow. So that we can increase our testimony of how important it is to keep our eyes on the savior and to increase our faith in him and never forget what he did for us. the trials and hardships that we all go through in life are for a reason and they are to draw us closer to the savior. no matter how hard or unbearable or lonely things seem to get... Heavenly father and jesus christ are always there to lift us up and to bear our burdens. they are on our right hand and our left... with angels sent to bear us up. i know that to be true. I know that it is so important to align our will with gods and when we do that things in life get easier... even things that may seem hard are lightened because we are striving to the will of God. We will be happier.. and soo blessed.
I just want yall to know how powerful you all are in the church. Yall are so blessed to have the testimonies that you do and to be members of the one and only true church. No matter your calling, no matter how strong your testimony, no matter your ward and even if you only have just a belief... hold onto those things that you have. Take a step back and recognize how far you have come in your life and the things you have accomplished and the testimony you have grown. What i have learned this week is how important it is to lose ourselves in the service of others. Service is what got us through this week (ive never raked so many leaves in my life haha ) and although it was slow with our numbers.... we were able to turn our hearts towards service and receive the joy that comes from losing ourselves in the service of others. Anytime you are feeling bad about yourself or if you feel lonely, upset, angry, anything... try to serve someone as quickly as you can. no matter how big or small it is... but i promise it will make the biggest difference in your life and will completely change the outcome of any situation you are in. I know this church to be true! I'm so grateful to be here serving the people of virginia and teaching and any opportunity i have! This gospel is amazing and everyone needs to hear it and i'm doing all i can. Thanks for all of your support. Ya'll are amazing and the lord loves you! Have a good week! XOXO
Sister Roosendaal
pic is at a bday party for a member they are amazing!

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